County Council Approves Curfew Zones, Cigar Lounges 

Prince George鈥檚 County Council member Edward Burroughs鈥 bill to allow business owners to create new curfew zones has passed the council and awaits enactment by Police Chief Malik Aziz to become law.聽

In late April, a curfew was imposed for the National Harbor area following a large fight, and currently remains in place.

The council also voted unanimously to allow cigar lounges in the county, an upscale entertainment option that usually offers fine liquors and cigars for clients in a space with air purifiers. 

Council member Calvin Hawkins (D-At Large) described the lounges as a good place to relax and watch sports while enjoying a cigar.

鈥淲e think that there is a missing economic attractiveness to cigar lounges in Prince George鈥檚 County. There鈥檚 investment waiting to come to Prince George鈥檚 County,鈥 said Bowie resident Mike Lyles, who testified during the hearing. 鈥淲e found that it has helped a lot of minority and Black businesses who are in this space to be successful.鈥

The council is considering a bill that would require gun shops to display and distribute pamphlets with information on firearm safety and mental health. Council member Krystal Oriadha (D- District 7), who is sponsoring the bill, named it after Grant Colefield, who tragically took his life with a gun provided at a shooting range.

鈥淲e鈥檙e not asking for anyone to be impacted financially. We鈥檙e asking that everyone, all of us in our community, open our eyes and pay attention to issues that are harming us,鈥 said Colefield鈥檚 uncle Jeffrey Grant, while testifying on the bill. 鈥淲e鈥檙e not asking for anyone to be harmed financially, or to be put in an uncomfortable place. We just would like for everyone to actually have the opportunity to address our issues in our community in a safe and respectful way.鈥

Gov. Moore Announces MOU With NASA Goddard

On May 29, Gov. Wes Moore (D) announced that the Maryland Department of Commerce signed a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) with NASA Goddard鈥檚 Space Flight Center.

“NASA and MEDCO are synonymous with innovation, growth, discovery, and strength. Today, the State of Maryland reaffirms our commitment to these principles, and others, by investing in this partnership,” Moore said. “Maryland is ready to lead, and by standing united with our partners in both the public and private sector, we will make Maryland more competitive and position our state to win the decade.鈥

Under the MOU, the Department of Commerce and NASA will collaborate to promote technology transfer, STEM education, aerospace industry development and community outreach. This will include raising awareness of resources such as Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer funding. 

In addition, the Maryland Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO) will host business outreach events in partnership with Commerce and NASA in Prince George鈥檚 County and the Lower Eastern Shore.

鈥淢aintaining and growing Maryland鈥檚 strategic advantage in the aerospace industry requires collaboration with our formidable partners at facilities like the Goddard Space Flight Center,鈥 said Maryland Department of Commerce Secretary Kevin Anderson, the state鈥檚 first Black secretary of commerce. 鈥淲e鈥檙e thrilled to sign this agreement, which will support NASA鈥檚 innovative work and help make our state more competitive.鈥

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Our Streets, Our Future Initiative Begins

State鈥檚 Attorney Aisha Braveboy (D) announced that her annual summer initiative 鈥淥ur Streets, Our Future Initiative鈥 will kick off on Saturday, June 22 in Forestville.聽

The event, as part of the state鈥檚 attorney鈥檚 anti-gun violence and prevention campaign, marks the fourth year she has led this community partnership to keep streets safe.

This aims to provide communal events, community walks, and other activities to address and prevent gun violence in Prince George鈥檚 County, while also providing resources such as mentorship and job opportunities. 

Past rallies have had basketball tournaments and featured local media and radio partnerships. 

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